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 June 2015 President primary

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What candidate should the ULJ endorse?
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Kazami Yuuka
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Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester

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#1PostSubject: June 2015 President primary   June 2015 President primary I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 02, 2015 8:01 am

Welcome to the ULJ's June 2015 primary for President of eJapan!  All candidates seeking the ULJ endorsement are invited to post below.  Citizens and party members are also welcome to post in support of their favored candidate.

At midnight eRep time on June 2, the candidate with the most votes will be given the ULJ endorsement.
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#2PostSubject: [undefined] Presidential Primaries   June 2015 President primary I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 02, 2015 10:30 am


    I would like to take this opportunity to make a statement regarding my presidential candidacy.

    After some debate by the members of the Tsunami movement I have been chosen to represent it and was subsequently nominated by the Shinsengumi party. As you probably know Tsunami comprises several parties and military units, and we are hoping to win this election together. United Lolies of Japan is of course also tightly connected with Tsunami and has cooperated with the Shinsengumi in the past. Which is why I am hoping to secure your support on this occasion.

    It is sadly the case, that Japan is ruled by a dictator, so all the democratic institutions have limited power at the moment. Nevertheless, I believe that any claim for legitimate governance has to be justified by popular vote, and that both this and congressional elections still have meaning. I am hoping that the voice of the population will be enough to at least demonstrate to other countries and alliances who the people of Japan want as their leaders. This might be the first step to bringing back stability. International help and cooperation will be impossible without at least some justification with the elections. I believe we can and should seek help with others similar to us, like the recent Belgian incident shows.

    The Tsunami movement feels that the current leadership is not capable of representing Japan abroad nor does it provide the level of care and support for its citizens that we know from the past. It should be enough to mention the random tax changes, lack of information on training wars, reckless airstrike spending, abusive and insulting manner in which conversations are carried. This has to change, and we hope to bring that change about. I want to stress that since this is a collective effort, these are not just my plans and ideas. I am merely the representative - hopefully also yours - and all decisions, assignments, laws and expenditures will be made together. Or _would_ be if that power were returned to the congress and government.

    Because of the dictator setup, I do not want to make empty promises regarding laws or cabinet position. The concrete things that can be achieved for the moment are the social support program and forums, already started by Tsunami; better cooperation with foreign friends and above all a mature, responsible leadership which is both responsive to all citizens and cooperates with its political allies. In the end, we wish to create a more direct democracy which will use the available eRep tools to achieve its goals - not make the goals fit the flawed tools.

    I hope you can help me achieve this.

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June 2015 President primary

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