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 Party cabinet and congress

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#1PostSubject: Party cabinet and congress   Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:12 am

Here you will find information about the party cabinet and congress, as well as information about the different roles (may be updated/changed depending on the current Party President)

Party President - Hideyoshi
Vice President - Sinon
Secretary General - 
Councilor - 
Spokesman - 

Queen Diclonius (left the country after internal dispute)
Nanashi Senshi (Left the party to build up another party)

Party President
The elected leader of the party. The PP's job is to handle the party's politics and ensure a stable integrity in the party. The PP will need to deal with all the issues, difficulties and responsibilities that the party faces.

Vice President
The PP's right hand and usually one of the most trusted members in the party. Responsible for helping the PP when the amount of work is greater than what one person can handle, and will be the one to step in during the absense of the PP.

Secretary General
Responsible for organizing the work in the party and help the PP and VP keep track of things. Is also responsible for the flow of information reaching the correct people.

Has the responsibility of the elected congress members and is the one responsible for organizing and discussing congress-matters.

The voice of the party. Has the responsibility of taking care of public matters like recruitment campaigns and public information from the party.

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Party cabinet and congress

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